Solid Wood

We work with specialty suppliers to source high-quality, domestically-grown hard and soft woods. Each species has its own qualities and characteristics to make it great for fine furniture making. Our hand-rubbed finishes highlight the natural grain and depth bringing each piece to life.


Celebrating their own unique properties, our steel and metal alloys used in construction have a living finish. This allows the patina and character of each piece to be unique and develop with time.

Fabrics / Leathers

Upholstered goods are created primarily with premium polyester blends that are moisture and mold resistant. These synthetic blends also have extreme wearability and will not fade. Leather is sourced from one of USA’s only remaining specialty vegetable tanneries located in Pennsylvania. Each hide has its own unique characteristics and will only look better with time.

Contract Grade Laminates

Designed and manufactured in Italy, our supplier of contract grade laminates is the world leader in high pressure laminations. Technology and creativity lead the way to a product whose texture and appearance are second to none.

Just a note: Actual product colours may vary from the colours shown on your monitor or device. The best way to verify the colour is to pay us a visit at the Shop or order a sample by email.