It’s More Than Just Reclaimed Wood

Founded in 2009, Union Wood Company set its roots in creating high-quality handcrafted furniture from reclaimed wood. Scouring demolition sites and abandoned buildings for the best old wood, our designs were nostalgic of Vancouver’s forgotten industrial foundries, mills and docks: honest, raw and utilitarian.

While still inspired by these simpler times of the past, we’re constantly refining our approach and are working with a broader range of materials. Wood, leather or metal, we let the natural beauty of the material inform the design. Envisioning the stunning contrast of textures and timeless elements, and finding that balance between form and function, is what really makes a Union Wood Co original shine.

Throughout our journey with wood, the design and creation always emphasizes quality and simplicity. We are driven to make meticulously crafted, timeless products for a more meaningful lifestyle. These are the pieces to keep for life.


Located in the re-emerging Clark Drive Industrial District in East Vancouver, our neighborhood is much like the materials we work with: rich with patina, wear and history. Tucked away into a 5,500 sq ft building that was once part of Vancouver's most bustling Wool Mill, this space is a huge step up in capacity from our Railtown shop.

No strangers to renovating what was once soulless and vacant, we’ve spent countless hours putting our spin on this unique space whilst highlighting its industrial past. Union Wood Co’s studio is always open to the public and resonates with the creativity and passion we have for our pieces. Adorned with a rotation of new creations, vintage finds, rows of wood samples and one-of-a-kind antiques, the studio is in a constant state of change.

Step through the back door of the studio and into the courtyard to gain a glimpse of the heart of the production, the workshop. Here you’ll find several fabrication stations, as well as large-scale milling and assembly equipment. Connected to the main workshop are a metal fabrication shop, a leatherwork shop and a photo studio.

Customers, friends, strangers and domestic animals are all welcome to visit and get inspired by the process of creating. Come during the day to see the shop in full production mode or at the end to catch the crew debriefing the day while the dust settles for the night.

The Company

Craig Pearce

Possibly born in the wrong era, Craig has always been drawn to the natural lore of aging things, and fascinated by the unassuming objects of industrial origin. With a background in trades, in 2005 Craig took a job working with a rustic log cabin furniture maker and immediately discovered a passion for handcrafted furniture. In particular, furniture made from good wood. Through this union of two interests, Union Wood Company was born. Craig scoured local sites for the best old-growth wood, and then allowed the design be inspired by the character of the reclaimed wood. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Team

Union Wood Co’s success is a direct result of the team involved in every aspect of our business. We proudly employ a crew of incredibly skilled craftspeople and staff to sell, design and execute our products. We’re picky about our people just like we’re picky about our wood: Each member is here based on his or her skill, positive vibe, creative background and aesthetic. We all share a love for high quality, honest design. We also work closely with local manufacturers and suppliers who share our appreciation for the creation of simple, quality-built goods.


Every team needs a mascot, right? Otis eagerly anticipates every visitor and will no doubt greet anyone who makes eye contact. Otis has grown up in the woodshop and you can often find him catching some rays or curled up in front of the wood burning stove while on his work break. We apologize in advance for any dusty paw prints he may leave on you when he welcomes you to the shop.

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