Burelé Qi surface power unit
Burelé Qi surface power unit Canada
Burelé Qi unit with clamp mount
Burelé Qi power unit mount

Burelé Surface Mount - Qi Charger

Residing right on your tabletop, the Burelé Surface Mount is both a Qi-certified charger (yup, lay your phone right on top!) and central power hub station.

Never lose a charge with this little companion. Besides wireless charging, the Burelé Qi also offers four plug-in options. Includes a clamp to mount on the edge of your work surface, removing the need to cut or drill holes in your beautiful tabletop.

Includes a 72" cord. Available in white or black.

Approx 6" length.

Common Configurations:

Prices starting at $349.00

Made to order in 3-5 days

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