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Slab Dining Chair

This minimalist wood dining chair celebrates the natural beauty of its material.

The design was born from a desire to create intentionally simple seating that works in all types of spaces. Whether used in a dining room, entryway, office space, or cafe, this striking chair seeks to complement your existing furniture.

Ergonomic and surprisingly comfortable, this solid wood dining chair is sturdy enough for even the liveliest family members and parties.

More importantly, it's quality-made to withstand the test of time. The Slab Chair is handcrafted from ash, a hardwood prized for its lightweight, durable, and elastic qualities. The tactile patina of the natural grain only gets better with age.

About the Designer 
Alyssa Lewis is the Creative Director of Studio Block, a Vancouver-based, multidisciplinary design studio that focuses on design for residential and commercial interiors, fine art inspired products, and brand styling. Her approach is simple: using a philosophy of reduction, she produces items and spaces that beautifully function without distraction.

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