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Oxidized Oak Wood Bowls

The unique two-tone colour of these oxidized oak wood bowl is created by hand applying an ancient technique. Once turned and sanded, the exterior of the red oak bowl is rubbed with a natural solution that oxidizes the surface of the wood, creating a dramatic ebonized finish.

We have a variety of blackened wood bowl sizes that are great for serving food or showcasing as a decorative accent. Each hand-turned bowl has a character of its own with differing tones and grain pattern. Please note the bowls are turned round, but can shift slightly during the drying process.

Sustainably harvested and finished with all-natural beeswax wood conditioner & mineral oil, these blackened wooden bowls are 100% food safe.

Available diameters: 8”, 10”, or 12” (6" or 15” are available for special order)

8” - best for snack, soup or salad bowls

10” - best for larger personal soup or salad bowls 

12” - best for fruit, decor or presentation bowls

We recommend hand washing with a small amount of mild soap. Hand dry with a clean towel and store flat to prevent warping. 

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